Pokemon Alpha Pika Pika beta version for iOS

Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika beta version for iOS

DeveloperPokemon Aloha Pika Pika
Uploaded byBlowFlies


Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika is the new Pokemon strategy battle game for iPhone and iPad devices compatible with iOS.

If you’ve been addicted to Pokemon’s movies, cards, model toys, stuffed animals, and so on, you must definitely try this game.

Beta version release of this game is now aviable for Android smartphones. You can download it on the link below (is also aviable for Android devices).


When playing Pokémon Aloha, you will be a young, talented trainer.

Your task is simply to collect Pokemon, form a standard Pokemon squad, train Pokemon to fight, and collect more powerful Pokemon species; and then you will have hand-to-hand combat with the region’s Trainers and Gym Leaders.

With each victory achieved, you will be promoted, and the Pokemon team will increase the level of evolution and get stronger fighting power.

This long-term work cannot be done by everyone. In addition to understanding the abilities of each Pokemon on the team, you must also have ingenious battle tactics, training, and leadership abilities.

Just understanding each Pokemon in the current squad (and also the Pokemon you want to collect on the way) is exhausting enough; but once going deep into this world, it will not be easy to get out because of its attractiveness.

Each Pokemon species is not only attractive with its strange and impressive appearance but also possesses its own set of skills and powers.

When standing together in a squad, they complement each other to bring thousands of power combinations, creating an almost limitless richness in this game.

You know, playing a game with lots of things to explore is super great happiness.

System requirements

OS versioniOS 9.0 (or higher)
DeviceiPhone 8+ (or equivalent iPad)
Disk space500 MB
The table lists the minimum system requirements for running Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika for iOS


•Added customize controls option in the settings screen

•Loading screen stuck issue fixed

•Few minor graphic interface bug fixes

•New GUI improvements (only for iOS 10.0+ devices)

•Added external controllers support for more devices (only for iOS 10.0+)


To know how to install an .ipa file on your iPhone or iPad please follow this guide.