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TimeLimit for Android – Simply limit the usage duration

DeveloperJoLo Software
Uploaded byStrainDorf


TimeLimit groups apps to categories (a category can contain one or multiple App).

You can chose per category at which times it should be allowed. This allows preventing playing games too late.

Additionally, you can configure time limit rules. These rules limit the total usage duration at one day or over multiple days (e.g. a weekend). It is possible to combine both, e.g. 2 hours per week end day, but in total only 3 hours.

Moreover, there is the possibility to set an extra time. This allows using something longer than regulary once. This can be used as bonus. There is additionally the option to disable all time limits temporarily (e.g. for the whole day or an hour).


TimeLimit supports multiple users. This allow different time budgets for different users at the same device (e.g. a tablet). When a default user and passwords for the child users are set, then the children can sign in and out at the device themselves.

In the connected mode with the premium version, it is possible to set a time limit for multiple devices where the child can chose how much time it uses at which device.

It is possible to configure very exactly when and how much something may be used. It is e.g. possible to limit playing at the weekend or to block games starting 6 o clock pm. It’s possible to set different restrictions for different Apps.

System requirements

OS versionAndroid 4.4 (or higher)
Disk space30 MB
The table lists the minimum system requirements for running TimeLimit


•added task system

•added dummy App to assign all preinstalled Apps

•fixed wrong icon colors in the dark mode