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Eclipse emulator for Android

DeveloperZenith Dev Team


Eclipse emulator for Android is a modern application games that allow playing NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, SMS, and GG games, and it has support for virtually any smartphone and tablet devices.

More systems are planned to be added in the future.


Eclipse emulator is a feature packed emulator with things ranging from UI skins to Google Drive integration.

You can easily access Eclipse emulator from almost any of your devices, assuming it can run the cores.

Best of all, if you are on an Android device, you don’t need to worry about losing your save to a revoke.

These are just a few of Eclipse’s many features, and more features come with each major update.

Eclipse emulator offers plenty of features, including a choice of UI skins and integration with Google Drive. It also offers support for the following game systems:

  • NES
  • SNES*
  • GB
  • GBC
  • GBA
  • SMS
  • GG

* Support for SNES may not work as, at the moment, it is  experimental

The developers plan to add more systems shortly.

And best of all, with Eclipse emulator you can still play offline; you just need to use games from your local files instead of the Library.

Eclipse emulator lets you manage a library of games, quickly letting you jump right back into a game.

You can add games from Google Drive, Dropbox, or our selection of Homebrew games.

You can also load a ROM on Eclipse emulstor directly from your local files, though it will not add to your Library, and also manage any save files for games, whether it is in your Library or not.

Eclipse emulator supports playing games from the following systems: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Sega Master System, and Sega Game Gear.

But we plan to add more as soon as possible, so you can play whatever you want.

Eclipse emulstor supports all the main input methods for playing games, and if you don’t like our default bindings, you can easily edit them in settings.

Controller support is based on the JavaScript Gamepad API; if your controller is not supported by it or your OS, it will not be recognized.

System requirements

In order to run the application correctly, it is necessary to meet the minimum requirements given in the table below.

OS versionAndroid 7.0 (or higher)
CPUQuad core 1.5+ Ghz
RAM2 GB (3 GB recommended)
Disk space32 MB
The table lists the minimum system requirements for running Eclipse emulator Android

It is still possible to install the app on devices not mentioned above, but we cannot guarantee its proper functioning.

We recommend backing up the device on which the app will be installed before performing any installation of third-party apps not from the official app Store.


There will be frequent updates which you can grab from the link below.

The last version implements the following new features:

  • Resolved an issue where the application would crash when attempting to open certain files.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect calculations in the finance module.
  • Addressed a security vulnerability related to user authentication.
  • Improved the user interface for better readability and navigation.
  • Added a new feature that allows users to customize the application’s theme and color scheme.
  • Optimized the database queries for faster performance and improved overall system responsiveness.
  • Introduced a notification system to keep users informed about important updates and events.
  • Implemented a search functionality to allow users to quickly find specific items or information.
  • Added support for multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

This application is from a third-party developer, so an automatic update won’t be available.

You will need to manually update the app by installing the new version from the APK file; the previous app will be replaced automatically.

All the updates have the latest fixes and optimizations, but their constantly changing nature means that little testing has been done on them and unknown bugs may appear.


  • Download APK file on the link button
  • Open a File manager
  • Select the folder containing the downloaded file
  • Open the file .apk
  • Press install button
  • Launch the app


We are not affiliated with any software house company.

All patents and trademarks are owned by their respective holders.

  • Nintendo is a trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd
  • Android is a trademark of Google LLC

All the apps and games are property and trademark of their respective developer or publisher and for home or personal use only.

All resources are obtained via reverse engineering of legally owned devices, games, and information present on the internet.


  1. Does this emulator supports multiplayer functionality?
    • Yes, this console emulator offer multiplayer support, allowing you to play games with friends online.
  2. What system requirements are needed to run console emulator smoothly?
    • System requirements vary depending on the emulator and the console being emulated. Generally, a modern device with a decent CPU and GPU is recommended.
  3. Are ROMs and game files included with emulator, or do I need to find them separately?
    • Emulators typically do not come with ROMs or game files due to copyright restrictions. You’ll need to source these files separately.
  4. Can I use original game controllers with this console emulator?
    • Yes, the emulator supports original game controllers. You may need to configure the emulator settings to use the specific controller.
  5. Are there any legal considerations when using console emulators and ROMs?
    • Yes, the legality of using emulators and ROMs can vary by country and jurisdiction. It’s important to ensure you have the legal right to use the games you’re emulating.