Install Android on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Install Android on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

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OpeniBoot is an open source implementation of Apple Inc.’s closed source bootloader iBoot that allows install Android on iOS devices; allows the booting of unsigned code on supported iDevices (such as Linux kernels).

It can be controlled via OpeniBoot console (oibc) which can be connected to from a libusb enabled computer.


With iDroid is possible to use the Android operating system on iPhone and iPad devices.

iDroid need a jailbroken device with the app Bootlace. It is an Android version that is developed explicitly for iPhones.

Install Android on iPhone


There are numbers of tools that are available for the iPhone jailbreak. Any of them can be used to make sure that the iPhone is jail broken to get the process started. It is also advised to browse the guides that are available online to make sure that the jailbreak is not an issue at all.

  1. The first step is to install Bootlace. Launch Cydia and hit Manage > Sources > Edit > Add, then add the repository. Tap Add Source, tap the repository and install Bootlace.
  2. Launch Bootlace (you may need to restart your iPhone to make it appear) and allow it to patch the kernel. Hit Reboot.
  3. The next stage is to install OpeniBoot. Launch Bootlace and select OpeniBoot > Install > Continue.
  4. Tap iDroid > Install > OK and wait for iDroid to install. This will take a while, so be patient, and if your battery is low, you may want to plug in your phone before you start.
  5. Tap QuickBoot from inside Bootlace, then the Android icon. Reboot into Android and you’re ready to go.
Install Android on iOS

Dual-Boot Android on IOs

The dual-boot is a terminology which makes sure that the user gets the best and the state of the art results. It is a terminology which allows the users to save the file space.

It also makes sure that the user gets the best outcome by saving the space as it only downloads the source files and leaves the others completely. It also ensures that the URL from where the dual boot is executed is also bookmarked so that the user never has to look for it again. The process that is to be followed in this regard is as follows.

The Gadget Hacks team has built a simple one-tap mod that allows you to dual-boot iOS on your Android phone right from your browser by utilizing a mobile-webkit buffer overflow, and taking advantage of the fact that both Android and iPhone CPUs use the same ARM instruction set. Using the same techniques, we’ve also built a way to dual-boot Android on an iPhone.

  • No root required
  • 100% reversible (as easy as uninstalling an app)
  • None of your existing data will be touched (no need to reinstall apps or contacts)

Visit from your iPhone for that mod.


•Major bug fixes


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  1. What is a MOD and how does it work on my device?
    A MOD, short for modification, refers to customized content that enhances or alters a game, app, or software on your device. It’s usually created by the community and requires installation steps to activate its features.
  2. Is it safe to install MODs on my Android/iOS/PC?
    While MODs can enhance your experience, they might come with risks. Only download from trusted sources to minimize the chance of malware or compatibility issues. Make sure to follow installation instructions carefully.
  3. How can I install a MOD on my device?
    Installing a MOD involves specific steps depending on your device. Generally, you’d need to download the MOD file, enable installation from unknown sources (if applicable), and follow instructions provided by the MOD creator.
  4. Will using a MOD affect my device’s warranty or game/account bans?
    Yes, using MODs can violate terms of service, risking bans or voiding warranties. It’s essential to use caution and check the rules of the game, app, or software. Some MODs might be considered cheating and result in penalties.
  5. What should I do if a MOD isn’t working as expected?
    If a MOD isn’t functioning correctly, double-check that you followed installation instructions accurately. Check if the MOD is compatible with your device’s version. If issues persist, reach out to the MOD’s creator or the community for troubleshooting help.