Provenance emulator Android APK

Provenance emulator for Android

Uploaded byBlowFlies


The Provenance emulator app for Android OS provides support for multiple consoles in one app, allowing you to play any console-based game with a single tap.

You can download the Provenance app from the links below.

You are legally allowed to make personal backup copies of your own purchased games for personal use as ROMs. Anything outside of this, you are on your own.


  • Native API Integration – 3D Touch Shortcuts for Recent Games, Haptic Engine Button Feedback, Spotlight Searching, TopShelf Support (tvOS)
  • ROM Browser – Automatic ROM metadata downloading including release info, screenshots, case and manual artwork viewer (where available)
  • Mutli-Disc Support – Supports automatic BIN/CUE matching for multi-disc CD-ROM games with in-game disc swapping.

These are the systems supported:

  • Atari
    • 2600
    • 5200
    • 7800
    • Lynx
    • Jaguar
  • Bandai
    • WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color
  • NEC
    • PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 (PCE/TG16)
    • PC Engine Super CD-ROM² System / TurboGrafx-CD
    • PC Engine SuperGrafx
    • PC-FX
  • Nintendo
    • Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom (NES/FC)
    • Famicom Disk System
    • Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom (SNES/SFC)
    • Game Boy / Boy Color (GB/GBC)
    • Virtual Boy
    • Nintendo 64 (N64)
    • Game Boy Advance (GBA)
    • Pokémon mini
  • Sega
    • SG-1000
    • Master System
    • Genesis / Mega Drive
    • Game Gear
    • CD / MegaCD
    • 32X
    • Saturn (mednafen)
  • SNK
    • Neo Geo Pocket / Neo Geo Pocket Color
  • Sony
    • PlayStation (PSX/PS1)

System requirements

OS versionAndroid 7.0 (or higher)
CPUQuad Core 2.0+ GHz
RAM4 GB (6 GB recommended)
Disk space200 MB
The table lists the minimum system requirements for running Provenance emulator Android


•Very Accurate, Full Speed Emulation

•Stereo Sound

•Save States (save anywhere/game freezing)

•Battery Saves (native game saves)

•Adjustable Controller Overlay Opacity

•Controller Support:

•MFi Game Controller Support

•iCade Controller Support (8bitdo, etc…)

•8BitDo M30 Support

•Local Multiplayer via External Controllers

•Portrait and Landscape Orientation

•Cheatcode support! Currently for SNES and PSX only

•Automatic ROM Matching (Game Title, Cover Art, Description, Genre, etc…) via OpenVGDB

•ROM Customizations (Cover Art, Game Titles) (Instructions)

•Multiple Options for Managing ROMs, Game Saves and Cover Art