Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator Mac OS

Yuzu emulator for Mac OS (OS X)

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Yuzu for Mac OS is an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra, developed by bunnei and its team.

It is written in C++ with portability in mind, with builds actively maintained also for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

This emulator is licensed under the GPLv2 (or any later version). Refer to the license.txt file included.

You can download the last version of Yuzu emulator for Mac OS on the link button below. The beta version program is now open.


Yuzu for Mac only emulates a subset of Switch hardware and therefore most commercial games do not run at full speed or are not fully functional.

Mobile CPUs will not reach the same performance as their desktop counterparts due to thermal, power, and technical limitations.

GPUs must support OpenGL 4.5 (or higher) & OpenGL Compatibility profile, or Vulkan 1.1.

System requirements

Our recommended specifications don’t guarantee perfect performance in most games, but rather strive to provide a cost effective recommendation while still considering performance.

OS versionOS X – 10.14 or above
CPU2.0 GHz quad core (or higher)
RAM4 GB (6 GB recommended)
Disk space50 MB
The table lists the minimum system requirements for running Yuzu emulator for Mac OS


•Auto-updater restart after update function now only requires a single click on the “Yes” button

•Miscellaneous error message verbiage fix (no change in emulator functionality)

•Free up memory allocated by Pools (via GC) during any translations at boot time (due to PPTC) and when closing a title

•Fixed Vnmls_S instruction

•Improved Vfma_S, Vfms_S & Vfnma_S, Vfnms_S instructions performance

•Added Vfms_V instruction

•Miscellaneous PPTC optimizations to increase resilience and reduce overhead. Note for users: existing .info (profiling) files will be invalidated.