Provenance emulator iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Provenance emulator for iOS



Provenance emulator for iOS & tvOS is a multi-emulator frontend, supporting various Atari, Bandai, NEC, Nintendo, Sega, SNK and Sony console systems.

You can download the Provenance app for iPhone and iPad from the links below.

You are legally allowed to make personal backup copies of your own purchased games for personal use as ROMs. Anything outside of this, you are on your own.


  • Native API Integration – 3D Touch Shortcuts for Recent Games, Haptic Engine Button Feedback, Spotlight Searching, TopShelf Support (tvOS)
  • ROM Browser – Automatic ROM metadata downloading including release info, screenshots, case and manual artwork viewer (where available)
  • Mutli-Disc Support – Supports automatic BIN/CUE matching for multi-disc CD-ROM games with in-game disc swapping.
  • Very Accurate, Full Speed Emulation
  • Stereo Sound
  • Save States (save anywhere/game freezing)
  • Battery Saves (native game saves)
  • Adjustable Controller Overlay Opacity
  • Controller Support:
  • MFi Game Controller Support
  • iCade Controller Support (8bitdo, etc…)
  • 8BitDo M30 Support
  • Local Multiplayer via External Controllers
  • Portrait and Landscape Orientation
  • Cheatcode support! Currently for SNES and PSX only
  • Automatic ROM Matching (Game Title, Cover Art, Description, Genre, etc…) via OpenVGDB
  • ROM Customizations (Cover Art, Game Titles) (Instructions)
  • Multiple Options for Managing ROMs, Game Saves and Cover Art

These are the systems supported:

  • Atari
    • 2600
    • 5200
    • 7800
    • Lynx
    • Jaguar
  • Bandai
    • WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color
  • NEC
    • PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 (PCE/TG16)
    • PC Engine Super CD-ROM² System / TurboGrafx-CD
    • PC Engine SuperGrafx
    • PC-FX
  • Nintendo
    • Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom (NES/FC)
    • Famicom Disk System
    • Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom (SNES/SFC)
    • Game Boy / Boy Color (GB/GBC)
    • Virtual Boy
    • Nintendo 64 (N64)
    • Game Boy Advance (GBA)
    • Pokémon mini
  • Sega
    • SG-1000
    • Master System
    • Genesis / Mega Drive
    • Game Gear
    • CD / MegaCD
    • 32X
    • Saturn (mednafen)
  • SNK
    • Neo Geo Pocket / Neo Geo Pocket Color
  • Sony
    • PlayStation (PSX/PS1)

System requirements

In order to run the application correctly, it is necessary to meet the minimum requirements given in the table below.

OS versioniOS 9.0 (or higher)
DeviceiPhone 8+ (or equivalent iPad)
JailbreakNot required
Disk space64 MB
The table lists the minimum system requirements for running Provenance emulator iOS

It is still possible to install the app on devices not mentioned above, but we cannot guarantee its proper functioning.

We recommend backing up the device on which the app will be installed before performing any installation of third-party apps not from the official app Store.


New Cores

  • N64 Core: Mupen64Plus
    • GlideN64 Preview (only non-jailbreak app to do this)
    • High-Resolution Texture Support
      • Gliden64 & Rice
    • 4 players
    • Rumble support
  • Sega Saturn Core: Mednafen
  • Atari Jaguar Core: Virtual Jaguar custom Alpha ** Note: requires additional steps for BIOS, very unstable **
  • Sege Dreamcast Core: Reicast custom Alpha ** Note: Unplayable, sync issues. For dev testing only **
  • [Additional] Nintendo GameBoy Core: TGBDual Beta

New Features

  • Multi-disc Support (disc-swapping)
  • iOS 11-15 Support
    Including Smart Invert Support so cover art and emulator view won’t invert
  • iPhone X Support
    Full-screen Support, Home Indicator: Hides with controller, Dims while playing
  • MFi+ (Instant Button Swap Modes) to access to missing buttons on MFi Controllers (MFi Controls)
  • iCloud Syncing for Save States and Battery Saves Beta
  • New Dark Theme Default
  • Timed Auto Saves (default: every 10 minutes)
  • Game Info View & Game Info Preview View (on 3D Touch)
    • Extended editable ROM meta data (Customizing ROMs)
      cover art, title, description, genre, release date, publisher, play history…
    • Single ROM Browsing (swipe left/right)
    • Links to Game Manuals
  • Share Button
    • Export ROM, Saves, Screenshot and custom artwork
  • WebDAV Support (access from the Finder or other WebDAV clients)
  • Optional Touch/Overlay Controls Additions:
    • Start/Select Always On-screen (for MFi usage with iOS)
    • All-Right Shoulders (moves L1, L2, and Z to right side)
  • Save/Load Save States View with Screenshots
  • Add ROM to Home Screen (like web apps from Safari)
  • Native resolution support
    • Optional: Renders OpenGL at native retina sizes
    • Some cores support internal up-scaling (Mupen)
  • System details in settings
    • Lists supported cores, library info
    • List required BIOS’s if they’re installed and easy copy MD5 to the clipboard by tapping for easier Google searches
  • Improved volume HUD
  • Enhanced build information
    • In settings, see info about the installed build (version and build #, built source, date and more)
  • In-app logs
    • In settings, view the logging output to help track down bugs. Export and e-mail.
  • GameBoy multi-player via: TGB Dual


Core Updates

  • SNES9x 1.60.0
  • Mednafen 1.27.0
  • tgbdual-libretro 0.8.3

App Improvements

  • 60 FPS Rendering & Performance Optimizations
  • Controller Improvements:
    • Consistent Cross-System MFi Button Mappings (MFi Controls]
    • New iCade Support Additions
    • Steam Controller Bluetooh LE Mode support
    • Rumble support (N64, PokeMini)
  • Touch/Overlay Controls:
    • New minimal, and less obstructive controller theme default
      (preview 1.5 edition as a teaser for UI 2.0’s Overlay Overhaul project)
    • Improved button styles
    • Improved layout and ergonomics (start, select, shoulders within reach)
    • Extended controls to include L2, R2
    • Visual Feedback
    • Button Color Tinting (Optional)
  • Game Importer Improvements:
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Better ROM Matching
    • Imports
      combined ‘roms’ and ‘cover art’ directories into one universal drop directory
  • Game Library Improvements
    • Side Scrolling Collection Views:
      • Recent Saves with Screenshots
      • Recently Played
      • Favorites
    • Library Sorting
    • Cover Badges (New/Unplayed, Favorite, Disc Count, Missing ROM)
    • Swipe to Delete
  • 3D Touch

New Controllers

  • Steam Controller
  • 2018.Q4+ MFi Controllers (supporting R3/L3) (Controllers)

Behind the Scenes:

  • Conversion to Swift codebase
  • Dynamic Core Loading
  • Extended ROM metadata
  • Extended System metadata
  • Full Codable support for games, saves, library etc, models


  • Fixed Atari 5200 screen clipping
  • Fixed iPhone X margins
  • PC Engine CD Support restored


  1. Download AltServer on your computer:
  2. Install AltStore to your iPhone (or iPad)
  3. Launch AltStore to begin downloading apps
  4. Leave AltServer running, and AltStore will do the rest

If you have some problem to install the app, you can try to follow the complete guide.


  1. Does this emulator supports multiplayer functionality?
    • Yes, this console emulator offer multiplayer support, allowing you to play games with friends online.
  2. What system requirements are needed to run console emulator smoothly?
    • System requirements vary depending on the emulator and the console being emulated. Generally, a modern device with a decent CPU and GPU is recommended.
  3. Are ROMs and game files included with emulator, or do I need to find them separately?
    • Emulators typically do not come with ROMs or game files due to copyright restrictions. You’ll need to source these files separately.
  4. Can I use original game controllers with this console emulator?
    • Yes, the emulator supports original game controllers. You may need to configure the emulator settings to use the specific controller.
  5. Are there any legal considerations when using console emulators and ROMs?
    • Yes, the legality of using emulators and ROMs can vary by country and jurisdiction. It’s important to ensure you have the legal right to use the games you’re emulating.