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XBox One emulator for Android

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We present you the XBox One emulator for Android OS software developed in aim to run Xbox games on smartphone.

The project first started with name “Xbox One Emux” which was just desktop PC emulator for Windows And Mac OS.

And later after smartphones hardware specifications became more powerful, they finally managed to make it work on Android & iOS mobile devices too.

Hurry up and get your copy now! Download button is located bottom at this page on mobile screens and desktops.


Because there are many epic must-to-play titles released only as Xbox One consoles exclusives (like Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Halo series, the Forza ones, Left 4 Dead and many other ones) we decided to publish application which can run these restricted games on other Android OS devices too.

Beta version is closed. So please get the final version by clicking the “Download APK” button on the link below.

By downloading BolXEmu program, you’re getting two products built in one application:
– Xbox One Emulator
– Xbox 360 Emulator
Both are integrated inside computer desktop and smartphone versions of the software.

Supported for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android (.apk) & iOS (iPhone / iPad).

System requirements

OS versionAndroid 5.0 (or higher)
CPUQuad core 2.0+ Ghz
RAM2 GB (3 GB recommended)
Disk space50 MB
The table lists the minimum system requirements for running XBox One emulator Android


•minor bug fix

•New and improved help screen

•Added help for latest Xbox One version

•Added external keyboard support

•Start multiplayer system development in experimental step

•Added linux dedicated Server

•Improved new GUI on (only for Android OS 6.0+)

•Closed open beta version program for Android release


  1. Open this link on your browser and download BIOS file:
  2. Move the BIOS file (part 1 and part 2) on the following directory in your device: /android/data/com.cobesoft.build22/bios/ (if this folder doesn’t exist please create it)
  3. Open this link on your browser and download Data file:
  4. Move the Data .obb file (part 1 and part 2) on the following directory in your device: /android/data/com.cobesoft.build22/data/
  5. Launch the app