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Play Station 5 emulator for iOS

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PCSX5 is a beta PlayStation 5 (PS5) emulator for iOS devices. This project based on hardware-assisted virtualization which allows you to play PS5 games on your iPhone or iPad; and now also for Android, Windows and MacOS.

The PlayStation 5 (abbreviated as PS5) is an upcoming home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Announced in 2019 as the successor to the PlayStation 4, it is scheduled to launch in late 2020. The platform is anticipated to launch in two varieties, as a base PlayStation 5 system incorporating an Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible optical disc drive for retail game support alongside digital distribution via the PlayStation Store, and a lower-cost Digital variant lacking the disc drive while retaining digital download support.


PCSX5 development was initially started with closed source in November 2020 but later shifted to the semi-open source to boost the development. 

To avoid illegal activities and misuse of source code, PCSX5 is made semi open-source. All components & plugins of PCSX5 is open source except the core executable.

To allow devices to run the application smoothly, games will necessarily run with reduced graphics compared to the original console.

System requirements

OS versioniOS 10.0 (or higher)
DeviceiPhone 9+ (or iPad equivalent)
RAM6 GB (8 GB recommended)
Disk space300 MB
The table lists the minimum system requirements for running PS5 emulator iOS


•Experimental version v00316.22

•Updated Vulkan API to 1.2

•Performance improvements for Orion-engine GS compiler

•Updated microcode for iPhone 9+ processors

•HAV-Virtualization performance improvements

•AU engine now supports up to 32 streams of audio mapping

•Initial beta support for iOS 10.0+


To know how to install an .ipa file on your iPhone or iPad please follow this guide.